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About me

Maggie King Counsellor & Psychotherapist

As a naturally curious person with an eagerness to understand others and what makes them tick I trained as a therapist because I recognised that as humans we all feel and experience life in different ways and for different reasons.  I started my training out of sheer curiosity as I wanted to know exactly what counselling was all about and over ten years later I've never looked back, I was hooked in and mesmerised from that very first class. 

Since then, I've gone through my own therapeutic journey in both one to one and group counselling exploring my own life experiences and how these shaped me into the person I became. All the while I have gained valuable experience in developing my own private practice, working in addiction treatment centres, in prisons and in the community for charity setups which have all contributed to my learning and knowledge that continually grows with every client I have the honour of working with. I love working with people and learning about their lives and how their life experiences have shaped their world view. 

Presently, I teach counselling at a local college and work in private practice supporting client through challenging life experiences and also offer sessional appointments to private drug and alcohol addictions and mental health services.


One thing that  often strikes me is that when a client begins to talk about their self in therapy they are usually getting to hear their own voice for the first time. As a therapist I feel honoured and privileged to work with clients through that process and witness their willingness to share their thoughts and feelings with me which might otherwise be kept locked inside.

My office is situated in the heart of Woking town centre and just a minutes walk from Woking mainline train station and is easily accessible from London and the wider Surrey area which means I can look forward to welcoming you now that you feel ready to take the next steps of self discovery.

Qualifications and Training

Integrative Counselling

BSc Degree with Honours

University of Roehampton

Counselling Skills and Theory


Guildford College

Further Training and Continuing Professional Development

Supporting Adults of Childhood Abuse

Working with complex needs

Motivational Interviewing

12 Step Awareness

Group Therapy

PTSD and Complex Trauma

Substance Misuse Awareness

DBT Group Skills

Online and Telephone Counselling

Bereavement Counselling

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