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The ups and downs of the lockdown

So it's been a while since I last blogged, astonishing really, who'd have thought working from home could be all such time consuming? Well I for one thought I'd have all the time in the world during this lockdown. Oh my goodness, how freeing to come and go as I please without being tied to limited time constraints, don't get me wrong though, I love my work and I can guess you probably do too?

But, haven't there been lots of days where it felt like you'd just woke up one minute and you're going to bed the next. Some days I simply wonder where on earth the time goes. Did you often wonder (in your previous life) what it would be like to work from home every day too? I know I did, and I finally got my answer.

It can be great though, organising your day ahead, fitting your diary around yourself, being able to just go into your own kitchen for that much needed coffee or lunch instead of heading to the nearest coffee shop or the staff kitchen or canteen. Oh my it's still definitely got an air of excitement to it. Don't you think?

I mean, lets be honest, some people don't even have to get dressed up, they can spend days working in their pyjamas or simple jeans and a t-shirt when usually they'd be a lot more dressed up. Oh how comfortable and relaxing is that? And doesn't how relaxed you feel impact on the hours you find yourself putting in?

Since the lock down, it turns out some people find they are working much more than the average hours of their normal working day. And, once we get into these kind of habits it be so hard to break them, a bit like having a glass of wine to help unwind from a long and busy day when normally you wouldn't. Then suddenly you realise you can't go to bed without having had that one relaxing glass which might have escalated to two or three by now.

Trying to get back to your average working hours can be difficult for various reasons, you think your boss might have started expecting the same quantity from your work load each day, you've unwittingly set yourself higher targets and goals and feel that you now you need to keep up. Just like you didn't expect not to be able to go to bed without having had that glass (or two) of wine.

Then, bang, you realise you've unwittingly got yourself into a little bit hot water and it's so bloody difficult to re-establish your boundaries once the wheels have set in motion. How do you come back from what has now become a normality and learn to say no, not just to yourself but maybe to others too. It's hard to get out of the rut once you find yourself stuck in it.

So here you are, confused because there is still the excitement of working from home without the constraints yet exhausted because the workload has increased or your putting too many hours in. Overwhelmed because the bar is too high now and there's no human contact so talking to bosses and colleagues might not be quite the same and who wants wants to bother them when everyone is in the same situation? And, finally lets not forget there's now the spending too much money on wine to boot and it feels a little shitty waking up in the mornings now.

So, time for change maybe? Time to get your life back in order? Sort things out before they get worse? Because let's face it things are already changing again, even if it is ever so slightly. You might be back at work soon enough and wouldn't it be great to to turn up at the office feeling refreshed and raring to go? So how are you going to do this? I'll leave you with that to think about because ultimately it's really up to you. Only you really know what you need to do because the lockdown isn't forever, and new normal is coming which you'll be very much part of. Only you can take your power back and be ready to embrace the challenge.

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